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Crimestopper - SP-400

Protect your vehicle from break-ins and vandalism, and start your vehicle with the press of a button from up to 3,000 feet away.The SecurityPlus™ SP-400 Combo System includes two slim style 4-button transmitters with a protective sliding cover over the buttons to prevent accidental pressing.

The SP-400 has all of the necessary vehicle security components, Including a Dual-Stage Shock Sensor, Starter Kill Output and a 25W high-powered single-tone siren plus the latest in remote start technology such as Tachometer (RPM) sensing or Tachless (Voltage)sensing modes, and also a 2-Way Data Port for an easy connection to Data Modules

System: 2-Way
Range: Up to 3000 Ft.
2-Way Data Port: Yes
Remotes: (2) 4-Button "Sliding Cover" Transmitters
Security: Yes
Silent Monitoring Mode: No
Keyless Entry: Yes
Driver's Priority Unlock: Yes
Remote Start: Yes
Manual Transmission Operation: Yes
Dome light Supervision: Yes
Dual-Stage Shock Sensor: Yes
Single Tone Siren: Yes
Horn Honk Output: Yes
Starter Kill Output: Yes
Trunk Pop Output: Yes
Additional Auxiliary Outputs: 3
Carjack Protection: Yes
Remote Panic: Yes
Silent Arm & Disarm through remote: Yes
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

(2) vehicle operation
Dynamic code protection
Sliding covers on transmitters to prevent accidental button pressing
Audible & Visual arm / disarm with intrusion alert
Positive and negative door trigger inputs (Selectable)
(-) Hood / Trunk trigger input
Double Unlock Pulse (Programmable)

Tachometer (RPM) or Tachless (Voltage) sensing modes
Tach Finder mode
Timed Crank mode
(5) on-board relays for remote start and parking light flash
Turbo Timer mode: Allows engine to run 1-5 minutes after key removal
Manual transmission mode
Glow plug input or programmable timed delay for diesel engines
Programmable "Wake-Up" ignition pulse for vehicles with "Slam Locks"
(-) Ignition, (-) Accessory, (-) Start outputs for adding additional relays
OEM alarm arm / disarm outputs
Remote start diagnostics through parking lights

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