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Crimestopper - FS-89

The Fortress™ FS-89 is our more advanced 2-Way combo system and a new level of luxury in the industry of vehicle security and convenience products. From up to 4000ft away, the user can stay in constant contact with their vehicle using the most advance full color touch screen 2-way LCD transmitter on today's market. Sending and receiving commands is almost instant giving audible voice tones and full color 3D graphics for confirmation and with the touch screen the user can easily navigate through the remotes many different menus .

The LCD remote offers new color 3D graphics and audible voice tones to confirm user commands and can illustrate any event that occurs in the system such as remote start, alarm trigger, trunk pop, etc. There is also a full trigger history menu that will display the past four triggers of the alarm to the user. The history reads out the time, date, and zone that was set off whether it be the shock sensor, door, hood / trunk or ignition.

You can also download your own vehicle images onto your LCD remote using the optional FS-IDA-689 USB down loader. This cable allows you to plug into your LCD remote and your computer and download your own images into your remote. The software is very easy to use and takes only a few minutes to install onto your computer.

Arming reminder
Manual arming mode (System arms and disarms without the remote)
Pin code activation
(4) vehicle operation
Remote finder / locator mode
Parking meter timer
Parking area finder
internal rechargeable batter on Touch Screen LCD remote
Built-in photo cell (Icons turn black / white in direct sunlight)
Audible and visual arm / disarm with intrusion alert
Panic and car finder mode
Inputs for door, hood and trunk monitoring
Double unlock pulse (Programmable)
Built-in door lock relays
The FS-89 has many security features that are different than our other systems on the market such as an "arming reminder" which will sound the siren 5 times to remind the user to lock the vehicle once the door is shut. The user can also arm the system without arming the shock sensor with the click of a button. Another great security measure is the "manual arming mode" which allows the user to arm and disarm the system without the use of the remote control. This handy feature can be used if the user misplaces the remotes or the battery life runs down. The user also has the ability to put the system into "silent mode" which allows them to arm / disarm the system without the siren or horn sounding and without the lights flashing.

For an extra level of security protection, the FS-89 offers the new "pin code" feature for the LCD remote control. The pin code, when activated, requires the user to input a 6 digit code to unlock and disarm the system. This is a very good way to keep your car from getting broken into if someone else acquires your remote.

(4) vehicle operation: The user can pair the LCD remote with up to four different vehicles at one time. It also allows the user to give each vehicle it's own custom name and custom vehicle icon to help them distinguish between the vehicles. The remote will generate a full trigger history, status report and give full remote start functions of any of the four vehicles the user selects.

Remote Finder: This new feature allows the user to find the LCD remote if they lose it somewhere in their home or car. If they misplace their LCD remote, the user can take the "sidekick" remote and with a click of two buttons the LCD remote will sound off a sequence of beeps to let the user know where it is. This is very helpful if you tend to misplace your keys often.

Do you often park at a parking meter or in a garage and cannot remember where you parked or how much time is left on the meter? This will never be a problem for you again if you have the FS-89. This system includes a parking meter and park area feature. The parking meter feature allows you to set a timer if you park your vehicle next to a parking meter. The remote will then alert you when the time is about to expire so you can run out and add more time to the parking meter. The park area feature allows you to set the location of where your vehicle is if you are parked in a big parking lot or in a parking garage. This makes it easy for you to recall where you parked your vehicle.

Other functions of the LCD remote include time settings, alarm clock, back light and volume settings as well as brightness and contrast. The back light timing can be extended or shorted depending on user preference and the volume can be turned down or turned completely off leaving only the vibration mode active. The time can be set in regular or military time and the alarm clock can be customized for any hour or minute. The clock is displayed in a nice analog format on the LCD screen and can be changed to a red, blue, white or yellow color finish depending on the user's preference.

Changing the battery in the remote will not be a concern with the FS-89. The LCD remote uses an internal rechargeable battery and the kit comes included with a car charger and a house charger for the remote. Now all you have to do is simply plug it in when the battery meter on the remote reads low and the remote will give you a read out of when the battery is fully charged. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!

To make it a little more convenient for our customers, the LCD remote has a built-in photo cell. This photo cell allows the menus on the remote's screen to switch to a high-contrast black and white color to make it easier to see in direct sunlit areas. The LCD remote also has a physical lock and unlock button on the side of the remote for quick arming and disarming as well as the screen activation button to activate the touch screen. There is also a language setting on the remote which switches the audible tones and the icons between the English and Spanish language.

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