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AlphaTherm - AT38

The Heated Wash AT-38OD operates in “On-Demand” mode.

The unit starts to operate when the ignition is on (engine running) and battery voltage level
is higher than 13.0 volts. Once the unit is activated, the washer fluid inside its heating
chamber will be heated and kept within pre-determined temperature limits (140 – 150°F),
so there is always hot fluid inside the unit’s heating chamber which can be used by a driver
for cleaning the windshield.

Each time the driver activates the factory installed washer system, heated washer fluid is
applied to the windshield for approximately the first 3 seconds of spray. Three seconds of
the spray delivers approx. 50-60 cc of fluid that is considered sufficient amount of fluid for
one spray. The next portion of heated washer fluid is available in 10-20 second(depending
on ambient conditions).

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