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Power Bass - S1204D


•4-Layer Black Paper/Wool Cone
•Large Roll Foam Surrounds
•Oversized Motor Structure
•Dual And Single 4-ohm Voice Coils
•2" BASV Voice Coil Formers
•Chrome Push Input Terminals
•Pole and Aero Vented Cooling
•Non-Resonant Basket
•Designed For Both Small Sealed or Ported Enclosures
Versatile Value, Well Suited for Small Sealed or Ported Enclosures

Our improved S-Series subwoofers bring value to a whole new level. This year we rounded out the line by adding a couple of 8-inch subwoofers. You will be impressed with the oversized motor structure for high-power handling and greater reliability during heavy hitting bass passages.

Our 12-inch version features an even larger magnet for improved performance. We developed an improved 4-layer wool/paper cone for very natural smooth bass reproduction that provides high output with low distortion.

PowerBass S-Series woofers now sport a treated non-resonant finished, stamped steel basket that is custom tooled with our distinctive X design. A 2” BASV voice coil former is used on the 10 and 12-inch models and like the entire Autosound range, we also offer a Large Roll foam surround for precise linear movement of the cone, which equals loud bass.

The S Series subwoofers are well-suited for small sealed or ported enclosures and use dual 4-ohm and single 4-ohm voice coils for multiple bass applications. Now more than ever, our S-Series woofers provide lots of value without sacrificing hard-hitting performance.

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